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Police Chief Estimates-Crime Statistics

The police chief has provided you with the following changes in crime statistics for each of the city wards.

Percent Change in Reported Crimes by Ward

Ward Homicides Assaults Arson Burglary Robbery Drug Arrests
North  +1%  +1% +2% +5% +5%  -5%
Northeast +0% +5% +0% +40% +25% +0%
Northwest +.5% +1% +5% +20% +5% -4%
South +20% +10% +40% -5% +0% +10%
Southeast +25% +15% +50% +2% +3% +15%
Southwest +15% +5% +30% +0% +1%  +20%
Central  +0% +15 % +30% +20% +25% +25%

    The police chief indicates that the town currently has approximately 1.5 officers for every 1000 residents. There is one police precinct for every ward. The department size is currently 560 uniformed or plainclothes officers and 40 civilian dispatchers and other personnel. Although the chief would like the officers per 1000 residents to be 1.75, he realizes that his objective may not be achieved immediately. His best estimate for new uniformed and plainclothes officers is 40. This increase will provide the minimum coverage for the population estimate of 400,000 residents as well as maintain the officers to residents ratio.  Assume that the chief's estimates are acceptable when compared to information for similar size cities.

    The chief also estimates the following costs involved with adding the additional officers. The chief has provided 3 estimates which vary depending on whether the officers hired are inexperienced or are obtained from other departments in the state. All costs are yearly except as noted otherwise. These costs are expected to rise on average 1.5 percent a year.

Option % EO* SPB** Training Equipment Police Units
One 0% $1,600,000 $120,000 $100,000  $400,000
Two 30% $1,840,000 $105,000 $100,000 $400,000
Three 50% $2,400,000 $75,000 $100,000 $400,000
*Experienced Officers
**Salaries Plus Benefits

 Note 1 explains how these officers are assigned to work shifts and how the officer shortage is currently being handled.  Note 2 explains the initial and continuing equipment costs for each officer plus equipment replacements. Note 3 explains the additional patrol unit costs . This is a one time cost, however the note also explains the maintenance associated will all police units.

Assume that these estimates are accurate for any analysis