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Welcome To Hometown

Required-Graded Participants only

There are two parts required from the Hometown citizens group.

1. You must involve yourself in the process of determining how much the city of Hometown must raise to solve their current problems and how the cost will be distributed across the citizens of Hometown. Estimates of the amount of revenue are expected to vary and your prediction accuracy about how much revenue is necessary will not be called into question. However, you are asked to be as accurate as possible in determining the distribution of costs once the amount of revenue has been determined. Feel free to conduct any analysis of cost distribution or revenue estimation outside of class. Students are encouraged to meet outside of class time to increase the efficiency of class time discussion. Students are strongly encouraged to individually make preliminary estimates of Hometown's revenue needs.

The project will be considered a success if two thirds of the group vote to accept a plan. Your participation in the open classroom forum and any out of class discussion is required as part of your grade. Active participation in this process is necessary to receive full credit. To enhance the learning involved in this project please respond in public debate as a member of the Hometown community with the characteristics listed on your information sheet.

2. You must write a private report discussing how you might change the plan adopted by the class. This report will be graded by me. You must include in this report reasons you feel or believe that the plan adopted fails to account for equity, or efficiency issues associated with the principles discussed in class.

Personal Information

Each of you will receive a private information sheet providing you with personal characteristics as a citizen of Hometown. This information is considered private and you are under no obligation to disclose any of the information to the class. You may obtain a sample personal information sheet.

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