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Last update 05/29/2005

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Appendix A--Note Two

Note Two

    Each officer must be armed with a handgun, have a Sam Brownie Belt with appropriate equipment (cuffs, flashlight, pepper spray canister etc.) and a bullet proof vest. Each officer is provided with two summer, winter uniforms, one pair of winter boots, one pair of summer shoes.  The individual officer must purchase any additional uniforms. These costs will remain the same regardless of whether experienced or inexperienced officers are hired. The costs cannot be considered a one time cost.  Note, however, that individual officer equipment replacement varies. Uniforms including shoes and boots are expected to last two years. All other equipment with good care should not require replacement for 10 years. Equipment procurers rely on local merchants for about 50% of the equipment necessary. All officers receive a $700 a year clothing allowance to maintain uniforms and replace department issue.

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