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Appendix A Note Three

Note Three

New police units are purchased from local car dealers. The department has adopted a policy that considers price and repair records to determine the purchase of additional units. Each unit must be outfitted with the appropriate radio and warning equipment. Some units do not require lights as they will be used by plainclothes officers. All traffic units have computer terminals for access to driving, vehicle, as well as arrest records. One in every four traffic units is equipped with video cameras to record traffic stops and monitor both officer and citizen behavior during the stop. Each officer will ride in a video unit at least three times during the week. Equipment is purchased in the community. Installation of the equipment is about equally split between the technicians at the police department and the product dealers. Cars are replaced when mileage reaches 100,000 or every four years. Lately, cars have been replaced every three years. Each new unit costs $20,000. The police equipment in a unit to be replaced is transferable to the next unit. Maintenance of the computer equipment and light equipment on each unit runs approximately $300 per year when the equipment is less than two years old. These cost increase to $350 per year and remain constant over the life of the equipment. Note that the maintenance of the current units has not been a problem. With the increase in officers it is expected that the number of units will increase by 20. The maintenance cost for these units is $1050 per unit per year.

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