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Last update 05/29/2005

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Tax in Hindi (India)

India has a comprehensive and well developed tax system. While Union of India levies Inome-tax, Corporation tax,  Wealth tax, Interest tax,
Customs duty, Excise duty, and Service tax, the State Governments levy Sales tax, Profession tax, etc., Hindi and English are the Official
languages of the Government. Hindi is most widely spoken and understood language in India.

Tax in Hindi (India)

Tax Kar
Income-tax Aayakar
Customs duty Seema-shulka
Excise duty Utpad-shulka
Penalty Shasti
Interest Byaj
Commissioner of Income-tax Aayakar Ayukta
Chief Commissioner of Income-tax Mukhya Aayakar Ayukta
Central Board of Direct Taxes Kendriya Pratyaksh Kar Parishad
Assessment Nirdharan
Tax-payer Kardata
Assessee Kardata
Sales Tax Bikri kar
Income-tax Office Aayakar karyalaya
Sales Tax Office Bikri Kar Karyalaya
Return of income Aayakar vivarni
Service tax Seva kar
Wealth tax Dhan kar

Many thanks to  D K SRIVASTAVA, I.R.S.  for his contribution.