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Last update 05/22/2006

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Federal Court System and Published Decisions

This page is devoted to providing online information about the Federal Court system and published cases within that system. As more sites become available they will be added to the page. The cases are searchable by party name, topic, and keyword.  Please read the credits and conditions section of each page.

Supreme Court Federal District Courts
This site provides relevant information for the federal district courts in every state.   There are cases listed for some courts but no searchable indexes appear to be available.  This site is primarily for determining presiding judges, contacts, and other court related information.  This is the most extensive site for District Courts available.
Searchable Index of Supreme Court Cases
U.S. Tax Court (NEW)
Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
First Circuit Court of Appeals
Second Circuit Court of Appeals
Third Circuit Court of Appeals
Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals
Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
Understanding the U.S. Federal Court System
This site provides an overview of the organization, operation, and administration of the entire federal court system. It lists the location and number of judges who sit on each court. Additional information includes organizational charts, and a glossery of terms. This is a good site for visitors to Tax World to acquaint themselves with how the judicial system operates. It can be very helpful for those tax research classes. The site is sponsored by the Adminstrative Office of the U.S. Courts.

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