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United Kingdom Tax Resources

Ernst & Young(England)
This site provides information about Ernst & Young locations and offices in England. It also provides access to tax and budget information.
Ernst & Young II (United Kingdom)
This site provides general tax help for citizens of the U.K.. It is a commercial site supported by Ernst & Young and Purple Internet Productions. This is a good site for general information and it also provides a means for taxpayers to send and read comments about tax issues in the U.K..
The Summa Project
The Summa Project's aim is to support and encourage Accountancy departments in universities and large accountancy firms to provide information on the networks, to promote the electronic publication of research and to provide a point of entry to WWW sites of interest in this area. The project provides a searchable database for online research papers and a variety of issues including tax.
United Kingdom-HM Treasury
This site provides information about changes in the tax laws in the United Kingdom. It is provided through various information sources including news releases and budget information. The UK income tax is referred to as "Inland Revenue". The site has information categorized by budget year. Specifics about changes to "Inland Revenue" and other taxes such as VAT should be found under Budget Documentation. Also explore the News Releases section for other tax information. If you are interested in the general rules about what taxpayers in the UK expect from the Inland Revenue click here.
HM Customs and Excise
This page provides general information about the operations of HM Customs and Excise in the administration of the VAT in the UK.
United Kingdom-Inland Revenue
This is a new homepage by the Inland Revenue UK. The page contains some general information about the Inland Revenue as well as various means for obtaining tax information from the Inland Revenue. There is also a section devoted to Inland Revenue press releases. This is a good start and I hope the Inland Revenue expands its offering.
UK Tax Directory
The page contains an excellent collection of UK tax information by source.**
The Chartered Institute of Taxation
This site is sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Taxation. It is a comprehensive site devoted to taxation in the United Kingdom.

**This link is not an endorsement of any product sold by the creator of this page.

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