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Government Agency Resources

This page specializes in Government Agencies that provide tax and tax related resources on the net.

IRS-The Digital Daily
This site is the IRS's new venture on the WEB. It is their newest effort to provide public access to tax information for taxpayers. Areas include Tax Forms and Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, Where to File, and Where to Get Help With Your Taxes.
Department of Justice--Tax Division
The Tax Division of the Department of Justice, whose mission is "to handle or supervise civil and criminal matters that arise under the internal revenue laws"
FedWorld U.S. Govt Publications
This site is supported by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Its goal is to provide public access to locate, order, and have delivered U.S. publications and information. Included in the information are IRS publications and forms that can be downloaded.
Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation Division
The homepage of the special IRS agents assigned to investigate criminal activity with regard to the tax system.  Provides information about duties, fraud reporting, and job opportunities.  An interesting statistical presentation of investigations, convictions, and prison sentences is provided.  Also an excellent summary of the reasons given for not paying taxes as well as why these reasons are based on faulty logic.   Must see for students in tax, and taxpayers contemplating tax evasion.
Social Security Administration
This is a general link to the Social Security Administration.
Multistate Tax Commission
The Multistate Tax Commission is an agency of state governments established to help make state tax systems fair, effective and efficient as they apply to interstate and international commerce, and to protect state fiscal authority. Created 1967.
This site provides information on financial statements and financial reporting for publicly traded firms. Try Edgar for Annual Reports.
This site is supported by the Government Accounting Office and provides access to numerous reports by the GAO.
US Customs
The US Customs service is responsible for enforcing various Internal Revenue tax provisions.   In particular the importing or exporting of various products are under the jurisdiction of this agency.
U.S. Treasury Department
This site has undergone significant renovation. A number of tax policy documents are available.
General Services Administration
This is the site for the Government Information Exchange. The list of information items is now too numerous to mention. Spend some time browsing here.
U.S. Census Bureau
This site provides economic data for the U.S.. See the link in Tax tools for tax revenue collection over the last 35 years.
National Technical Information Service
Provides access to various government reports, tax publications and forms on CD-ROM and several searchable databases of over 375,000 government publications.

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TaxWorld Mission
To provide online access tax information for all tax payers, students and tax professionals.
International Tax Directory
This directory will hopefully serve as a starting point for those seeking tax specific information from across the world.
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