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Legislative Tax Resources

This page is devoted solely to legislative tax resources on the net.

House of Representatives
This is part of the U.S. House of Representatives' World Wide Web service. It provides public access to legislative information as well as information about Members, Committees, and Organizations of the House. Information about bills and resolutions being considered in the Congress, as well as current information about what's happening on the House floor and how individual Members voted on specific measures is also available.
Joint Committee on Taxation
This site contains the most recent Joint committee reports on tax bills in Congress.   It is the JTC Blue Book Site.  The site provides previous years reports in pdf format.
House Bills Online
If you are looking for information about specific bills in Congress, this is a nice place to look. It provides key word searching for bills that pertain to your particular interest and a search by bill number. The database contains bills originating in the two most recent Congressional sessions. It also provides the "Congressional Record" for the same Congressional Sessions. Online viewing of the bills is excellent and if you set your web browser for "save disk", you can download the bill. The site also provides a listing of all available bills by type (e.g., House or Senate, etc.)

House Ways and Means Committee
This site contains an assortment of information for the committee.  It will take some effort to locate information concerning tax.
Senate Finance Committee
This site provides online versions of the most recent committee reports..

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Legislative Resources
More resources will be added to this category shortly.
International Tax Directory
This directory will hopefully serve as a starting point for those seeking tax specific information from across the world.
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