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Tax Tools

This portion of the Tax World is devoted to providing readers with access to specialized tax tools. If you have comments about the contents of this page please contact us with your suggestions.

Federal Tax Code Online
Caution should be taken when referring to any information. Be sure you check the primary source.
Proposed Tax Regulations Online
This site is sponsored by the IRS. It provides the full text of proposed regulations by topic and allows taxpayers to comment directly on the proposal from the Web page.
Tax Research Guide
This site provides a nice summary of library reference material for conducting tax research. It is sponsored by the University of Illinois Law Library.
Tax Collection Database
This site is support by the US Census Bureau.
Tax Management Inc.
This site is sponsored by the Bureau of National Affairs which is responsible for the BNA Tax Management Portfolios. Check out what other practitioners have to say at "Practitioners Speak". Another source for up to date tax news is at "Tax News"
Internal Revenue Bulletins(1995-Current)
Here are pdf copies of IRBs since 1995.  The 1995
cumulative bulletin is available.
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Tax World's Mission
To provide access tax specific information for all tax payers, students and tax professionals. More tax tools will be added to this section shortly.
International Tax Directory
This tax specific directory will hopefully serve as a starting point for those researching tax information from across the world.
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