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Tax World: Taxation News and Analysis

Research information and news across the whole taxation spectrum.


TaxWorld offers completely free of charge information and data to all internet users. This section offers a news aggregation service, which identifies specific sources of tax news from different territories, and provides them via a direct RSS feed.

The number of territories covered will continue to expand with time, so please bear with us. We currently offer the following:

United States Tax News

News, events, articles and developments with respect to taxation in the United States. Sources include the New York Times, and further aggregated sources courtesy of Google.

Enter the United States Tax News Section

UK Tax News

All the major news, legislative developments, and analytical articles covering tax in the United Kingdom. Sources include the BBC, and Accountancy Age magazine.

Enter the UK Tax News Section

Australian Tax News

This section is yet to be launched, but like the above, will provide news of developments, legislaation and updates with respect to tax in Australia.

Coming Soon

Rest of The World Tax News

This section will cover news of taxation developments in the rest of the world, including legislation and general tax news.

Coming Soon



This section of TaxWorld is expanding. For new developments please bookmark and return again in the future. Thank you for visiting us.

Tax Magazines:
A large number of magazines dedicated to tax are now available. These include:

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Kiplinger Tax Letter
Practical Tax Strategies
Business Tax News Briefs
Incentive Taxation
Journal Of The American Taxation Association
Journal Of Taxation Of Investments
Journal Of Taxation
Journal Of International Taxation
Real Estate Taxation
Controllers Tax Letter
Journal Of Property Tax Assessment & Administration
Monthly Digest Of Tax Articles
State Tax Notes
Tax Lawyer
Tax Notes International
Tax Planning International
Tax Management International Forum
National Tax Journal
International Tax Review
Tax Watch
Australian Tax Forum

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